Complex Situations

There are some situations that  make it much, much harder to manage your finances. These include family violence, disasters, mental distress and prison.  The following pages have information about what you can do in situations like these.

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Complex Situations

There are a number of situations that affect people’s lives that  make managing finances much more complex. They can make it harder to keep your finances in order, harder to solve problems and also harder to have the mental and emotional space to work on them.

No matter your situation, there are things you can do and there is help available. It is important to let your creditors know about your situation so they can help. Many creditors have special programs in place for people in particular situations, such as those affected by domestic and family violence, financial abuse and disasters. Discussing your situation may be difficult, but it can be the key to getting the help you need.


Domestic and family violence and financial abuse

If you are in a domestic or family violence situation read the information on this page to see what you can do to manage financial issues.

If you need specific assistance for financial abuse (which is a type of family violence) see this page for practical steps.



If you are experiencing financial difficulty because of a disaster (bushfire, flood, storm or earthquake), see this page for more information about the steps you can take to look after yourself and your family financially.

See this page for information about making an insurance claim following a disaster.


Mental Health 

There are strong links between financial hardship and mental health. The information on this page is very useful if you feel your mental health is suffering.



Facing prison or being in prison can cause significant financial hardship. It is vitally important to take care of financial arrangements beforehand to prevent serious financial harm. The information on this page will help you get prepared. Further information will be added soon on managing financial hardship in prison and how to manage after you leave.