Increase your income

A direct debit is when you allow someone to take money from your bank account on a regular basis to pay for something. Payments on credit cards can also be made by direct debit.

Direct debits can be a convenient payment method. But if you’re in financial hardship, you need to pay your priority debts first, which may mean cancelling some or all of your direct debits to help you manage your money.

Increase your income

Options to consider

You may be able to increase your income by offering to work overtime at your current job. You could do this temporarily until you get through your financial difficulties.

Start a new job or get a second job
This can be easier said then done. Still, it’s worth trying as it will help increase your income.

Self employment
This may be an option if you have a particular business idea or skill you can use to sell a product or service. Just make sure the set-up costs are very low as it may cause you financial hardship to try to cover them.



The big win won’t happen and you will just end up further in debt. If you’re struggling with gambling get help from a specialist gambling counsellor.

Fall for scams
Don’t fall for money offer scams. There is no prince, distant relative or overseas lottery with hidden money waiting for you.

Get a quick ‘payday’ loan
Payday – or fast (short-term) – loans are advertised widely and are tempting if you need cash quickly to pay an outstanding bill or other debts. But how much is that ‘quick fix’ really costing you?

Borrow money from other sources
Borrowing money doesn’t increase your income – it simply puts you further in debt.

If you’re considering any of these, please call us on 1800 007 007 and speak to a financial counsellor first. There are other ways.


Need help now?

If you’re in hardship and can’t afford your rent – or even to eat – emergency assistance (often called emergency relief) is available from government and charities to help you in the short term.


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