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Tulani White is a fifth-year Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery student who experiences burnout all too often. (ABC News: Stephen Opie)

‘Placement poverty’ burning out medical students amid cost of living, housing crises pressure

News article by the ABC
Tulani White thought the biggest barrier to achieving her dream would be getting into university. But as she prepares to enter ...

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Young adults dying without wills can leave family to sort through superannuation, cryptocurrency and the future of pets

News article by the ABC
When Quintin Bowen died suddenly in his early 30s without a will, it left a complicated legal mess for his grieving mother that ...

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The newly proposed sender ID register would crack down on rising text scams. (ABC North Qld: Lily Nothling)

Text scammers targeted in calls for mandatory SMS Sender ID Register

News article by the ABC
A new registry could make it mandatory for texts to disclose a sender ID in the latest crackdown by the government on SMS text ...

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Perth property prices are forecast to soar in the coming year. (ABC News: David Weber)

Perth property prices to rise up to 11 per cent in the coming year, as housing crisis continues

News article by the ABC
Property prices in Perth have reached record highs in recent months and are expected to rise even further in the coming year, w ...

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The ABC revealed one of the country's most high-profile firms, Netstrata, was charging exorbitant insurance fees and taking an untold sum in industry kickbacks. (ABC News, file photo)

NSW announces strata management industry reforms, including stricter rules on commissions and conflicts of interest

News article by the ABC
The NSW government pledges to "stamp out bad behaviour" and strengthen oversight of the state’s strata manageme ...

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The average SA household will be slugged by a water bill hike of $80 a year. (ABC News: Che Chorley)

Water bills to jump by $80 a year in SA to pay for mains and sewerage pipes to new homes

News article by the ABC
Average SA household water bills will increase by $80 each year to help pay for $1.5 billion worth of new mains water and sewer ...

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